College Search & LD Specialist


Joan Luber Jacobs carefully guides students through the application process. As a former high school counselor and school psychologist, she observed students fall through the cracks without someone pushing them in the right direction. Ms. Jacobs advises students that getting into the "best college" is less important than choosing the college that is the right fit.

The ideal time to start working with a college counselor is in ninth grade to give the student opportunities to choose competitive academic course loads and extracurricular activities. However, many choose to hire an independent college counselor during their junior and senior years in high school.

leaf_smallConnect families that need additional support to 
appropriate resources (tutoring, counseling, essay
review, SAT prep, speech and language therapy).
Comprehensive Services Includes:
leaf_smallInterest Assessments & Full Records Review
leaf_smallCurriculum & Test Planning
leaf_smallPersonalized College Research List
leaf_smallFamily Review of the Admissions Process
leaf_smallEssay & Application Assistance
leaf_smallCollege Tour & Visit Tips
leaf_smallInterview Preparation

Additional Services Includes:

leaf_smallFinancial Aid Process
leaf_smallSupport Programs for Students with Learning Differences
leaf_smallGap Year & Transfer Options
leaf_smallFine & Performing Arts Schools
leaf_smallSummer academic enrichment programs
Ms. Jacobs has lectured for:
Torrey Pines High School & San Dieguito Academy College Night
North Coastal Consortium for Special Education
LDA (Learning Disability Association)
CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder)
University of California, San Diego
The Western Association of College Admission Counseling