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 8 Steps to College Success 
Step 1:Are we a match?
 During this meeting, Ms. Jacobs assesses the student's needs, and aligns those needs with the College Search services.
Step 2.Where should I apply? 
 Find a college where the student will be happy. That means matching the student with colleges that fit his or her academic needs and interests,
lifestyle preferences, financial needs, and other preferences.
Step 3.What are the application requirements?
 Research and communicate the admissions requirements for the schools the student is interested in attending.
Step 4.What is the students competitive edge?
 Assemble a personalized action plan that helps a student present a strong profile.
Step 5.What is the application process?
 Create an action plan that helps the student manage the varying deadlines and application requirements.
Step 6.How will the student pay for College?
 Guide the student through the financial-aid process, helping him or her find the money needed to attend the college of his or her choice.
Step 7.Who will recommend the student?
 Identify and acquire key recommendations the student needs to support his character and drive.
Step 8.What choice should the student make?
 Coordinate campus visits to help the student get the feel of the campus, the student body, and the academics.